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Dear ASE Community,

Building capacity for Massachusetts Students and all School Communities is a challenge and, simultaneously, an opportunity. As school leaders and teams, we know that keeping current on the State’s initiatives and related Federal Law requirements informs our leadership skills allowing... read more.


Carla Jentz
Executive Director of ASE

 ASE March 24, 2017 Conference

We look forward to seeing those who registered

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Dear ASE Community,

As leaders of special education we must be masters of the ever-changing special education laws and regulations. As well, we must constantly be upgrading our knowledge and skills as leaders, as advocates, as conflict managers, as mentors, and as mindful leaders.

On behalf of the ASE Statewide Executive Board, we are pleased to offer what we anticipate to be a promising professional development opportunity ---- one that will generate new understandings, new insights, and hope as we all focus on doing the right thing in the right way as leaders and school teams for Massachusetts students with special education needs, our staff and school communities.

This Conference is very relevant to colleagues who support our work: school team leaders, specialists, assistant principals, and principals. Register them, so you can learn, change, and grow together as leaders!

Attached for your convenience is the ASE March 24, 2017 ASE Statewide Program and Registration Form. It has the details of the program topics. Please note, everyone who plans to attend must complete a registration form. Completed registration forms, along with the form of payment must be received at the ASE office on or before Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

Registrants will receive a confirmation email within 10 days of the receipt of the completed registration form. Regrettably, due to conference venue security and registration needs, we will not be able to register anyone the day of the conference. Registration will close March 15, 2017.

In advance, thank you for your understanding of the registration process noted above. On behalf of ASE, we look forward to seeing you at the ASE March 24, 2017 ASE Statewide Conference.


Carla B. Jentz, Executive Director

Julianna Hanscom, ASE President

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Dear ASE Community,

We are so proud and pleased to be announcing the ASE/Bay Path University Partnership Program for Special Education Administrator Licensure!

Special Education Leadership is a unique role and it matters for students, school committees, and staff. The ASE/Bay Path University partnership offers the best in this unparalleled Special Education Administrator Licensure program; focusing on practical leadership content, knowledge, and convenience in learning. PLUS outstanding member discount rates!

We believe strongly and advocate rigorously for Special Education Administration, to ensure excellent learning, professional development, licensure and mentoring opportunities ,creating new/innovative pathways for aspiring new Special Education Administrators. We want to ensure a solid special education administrative licensure program and to ensure a long lasting legacy in the Role for our school communities!



Carla B. Jentz, Executive Director

Julianna Hanscom, ASE President

 ASE Membership Information 2016-2017

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Mutilple Membership Opportunity Ends Oct. 14, 2016

Dear ASE Community,

On behalf of the ASE Executive Board, congratulations on another year well done, serving students with disabilities, their families, and your school communities! The Board knows the commitment, care and compassion that you invest in your leadership advocacy at the district and team levels. We thank you for your support of ASE during the 2015-2016 year, and looking ahead, we recommit to making sure that: Your VOICE Matters in special education matters!

As the lead state non-profit association in Massachusetts ADVOCATING on behalf of special education administrators and special education providers across the Commonwealth, we continue in our strong belief that power and influence follow from a collective VOICE on Special Education at the state and federal level. We make a difference regarding special education issues by ensuring that state and federal leaders and other stakeholders understand special education in the way that you do at the school level and act on remedies to problems that you recommend.

Your ASE Membership and ASE Conference participation are critical to keeping your VOICE on special education issues in front of state and federal leaders. Simply put, Association Membership Numbers matter in decision-making at the state and federal level! With that in mind, we look forward to your Membership and Conference participation in ASE for 2016-2017. And, we hope that you will also support ASE and the professional development of your staff by enrolling them as members in ASE and bringing them to Conferences. Doing so will increase the volume of the VOICE of special education administration, which is imperative to promoting recommendations on statewide decisions that effect special education implementation!

For the new 2016-2017 year, ASE is again offering a Multiple Member Benefit Opportunity (Discount). Attached for your reference are the 2016-2017 Multiple Member Benefit Discount Option Information and ASE Membership Application Form. We offer this opportunity to ASE Members for four (4) very important reasons:

1. To keep our Membership costs stable (while many other organizations are increasing fees)

2. To promote the learning and expertise of school district special education specialists/teams: build district and team special education resources/ tool boxes for content, regulatory and family engagement work

3. To increase the pool of ASE Members and thus stronger promote special education administrative outcomes when working with legislators and other Stakeholders

4. To increase district level special education team work/accountability for special education student outcomes through shared understanding of the mandates and content in special education

Below you will find examples of ASE's on-going efforts on your behalf during the year 2016-2017 and, in addition, examples of Activities/Initiatives and Member Benefit Discount Opportunities:

Examples of On-Going Statewide Engagements:

• State Advisory Council (SAC)

• Special Education Transportation Task Force

• The Coalition to Fund Special Education (Circuit Breaker)/MA Legislative Briefing

• Legal/Technical Guidance on relevant Sped DESE Regulations/MA Special Education

• Survey Input : Data driven State Positions

• SpedEx – Cost Effective Resolution Process

• MCDHH Stakeholder Work

• Advocacy on the proposed new On Line MA IEP / the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

• ASE, DMH, maaps Partnership Professional Development Conference on Restraint Prevention/vis a vis MA new Restraint Regulations

• Development, Design, Launching of The Partnership-ASE/ BayPath University Special Education Administrator Licensure

• Advocated at US Congressional meetings (Washington, DC) for: full IDEA funding to 40% (IDEA original funding intention); alignment/appropriate ESEA changes for special education and school districts, including the need for accountability measures for general education in the education of students with disabilities (worked in collaboration with CASE, Council for Administrators of Special Education), July, 2015 meeting with Massachusetts Congressional Legislators

• Informed the ASE Community of Rep. Benson’s Floor Amendment to provide full funding for Circuit Breaker- Legislative Outreach

• EOHHS: Transitional Planning and Unified Team Regulations: Key Advocacy Stakeholder Work

• Provided Statewide ASE Professional Development Conferences with timely topics and substantive/expert presentations by national and state leaders

• Advocacy/Partnership Work with (National) AASA, The School Superintendents Association: Build in language changes to next Reauthorization for IDEA- Flexibility in IEP Development

• Legislative/ Regulatory Guidance / Advocacy Special Education

Examples of ASE Statewide Member Benefit Discount Opportunities:

• Multiple Member Discount Opportunity

• Targeted Resources/Products for School District/Student Needs

• Legal Quarterly Brief Newsletter - Murphy, Lamere, Murphy

• Legal Services/Personnel and District Level Needs

• Special Education Licensure Program---Masters Program

• Member Guest Conference Opportunity

Your support and input have made these endeavors and outcomes possible! Thank YOU!

We look forward to seeing you in 2016-2017 and urge you to become a Member of the ASE Statewide Community – serving and advocating for YOU/Hundreds of Thousand MA students with disabilities.

Best Wishes.


Carla B. Jentz, Executive Director

Julianna Hanscom, ASE President

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