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 Conference Information: "Taking a Look: State and National Consultants Discuss Their Top 10 Areas in Process, Programming, and Leadership That Every Special Education Administrator and School Team Should Know "

ASE Statewide Conference is October 24, 2014

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ASE Statewide Conference is March 8, 2013

With the complexity of student needs, staff accountabilities and ever changing new mandates/laws for student outcomes, school leaders and teams need to have information and knowledge for being educationally responsive while being simultaneously cost effective . The ASE March 8, 2013 Winter Statewide Conference Program offers content to increase these capacities and supports the personal and professional development for Leaders and Staff.

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 Sandy Hook School

Dear ASE Community,

On behalf of the ASE Executive Board, we express our condolences to the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Community in the wake of this most recent horrific school tragedy, which took the precious lives of twenty-six innocent children and adults. We can only imagine the utter grief caused by the senseless and outrageous act of violence. We are humbled by the Newtown Connecticut community's strength at a time when they grieve for those who died.

It is said that time heals, and in some ways it does. Yet, the process is long and slow and never ends the sadness of losing a loved one. Our hearts and our prayers go out to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Community and the town of Newtown Connecticut

With an unwavering commitment to stop the violence in our schools, the Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education (ASE) pays special tribute today to those who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

We pause forever remembering:

Charlotte, Daniel, Rachel, Olivia, Josephine, Ana, Dylan, Dawn, Madeline, Catherine, Chase, Jesse, James, Grace, Ann Marie, Emilie, Jack, Noah, Caroline, Jessica, Avielle, Lauren, Mary, Victoria, Benjamin, Allison.


Carla B. Jentz, Executive Director, The Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education (ASE)

Dr. Ann Caretti, President, The Massachusetts Administrators for Special Education (ASE)



Dear ASE Community,

Announcing an opportunity from Teachers21 Masters in Science in Math - for middle and high school teachers - time specific information.
Please see more information here!
This may be very helpful to special education teachers. Please consider!

 ESE Grant Alert FY11 Tydings 240 and 274 Funds

USE The Funds - No extensions beyond 8/31/12

Dear ASE Community,

Please see the important message (below) from Marty Mittnacht @ ESE regarding federal funds. Please check to ensure that your district is using all the funds in the FY11 Tydings 240 and 274 Grant Funds category available to them! Let's use all funds available to our school districts so Massachusetts will not send any funds back to the federal government!

If you have any questions, please see the contact information below (in Marty's message) for the appropriate ESE person.


Carla Jentz, Executive Director of ASE

So far, a large amount of funds remain available from fy11 tydings federal special education entitlement grants (fund code 240) (final spending in FY12)………. and funds from the FY12 Program Improvement grant (fund code 274) have not been fully drawn down by districts.

• Re the Tydings 240 ---- please take expenditures from the FY12 240 and put them on the FY11 Tydings 240 ---- That older money MUST BE FULLY SPENT!!!! Don’t wait til the last moment as there will be no additional opportunities.

• Re the 274 ----review carefully your summer PD plans and make sure you will spend all of those funds also. Please review your current plans and make adjustments to make sure all funds will be spent by August 30, 2012. Please note there will be a final draw July 20, 2012 through July 30, 2012. There will be no extensions beyond 8/31/12.

• For questions re: 240 -- you may contact Grace Willis at 781-338-3363. ABSOLUTELY let Grace know if you have insufficient plans or expenses and will not spend all the funds.

• Call Helen Skulski at 781-338-3379 for Fund Code 274. Here also, PLEASE let Helen know if you will not spend all of the 274 funds allocated to your district.

Thanks much --- I think that you probably don’t love the financial watch-dog aspects of the work, however, I really don’t want to send any funds back to the feds and I really do appreciate your efforts!!


Marcia Mittnacht, State Director of Special Education

 Conference Information: "The State of the State Affairs: The New State Realities"

ASE Statewide Conference is June 10, 2011

The conference promises to provide up to date information on new initiatives from the child serving agencies, ESE perspective on special education and a timely perspective on leading change and managing stress as educators and administrators.

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 Attention ASE Members- Are you retiring at the end of the year?

Dear ASE Members,

We would like to acknowledge retiring ASE members at our upcoming ASE statewide June 10, 2011 conference at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough, MA.

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  A letter to the ASE Community:

Subject: ASE March 25, 2010 Seminar Registration Closed

Dear ASE Community,

We appreciate all of the enthusiasm we have seen for this Friday’s Seminar, “Focus on YOU: Negotiating Special Education Administrators’ Employment Contracts in Difficult Times: Empowering You to Advocate for Your Best Interest.” This is just a reminder that registration for the seminar is closed. Regrettably, there can be no walk-in registrations for this seminar. We look forward to seeing those who registered on Friday! We will keep you posted about any additional seminars.

Best Regards,

Carol Fredette, President of ASE and Carla Jentz, Executive Director of ASE

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 Conference Information: "The Continued Quest: Addressing New Education Realities"

ASE Statewide Conference is March 11, 2011

As a leader of your school/district/team, you will want to hear the latest information on the conference topics so you can support your district in keeping pace with New Education Realities

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  A letter to the ASE Community:

Subject: ASE March 11, 2010 Conference Program and Registration Form

Dear ASE Community,

YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THE ASE MARCH 11, 2011 STATEWIDE CONFERENCE if you want to keep pace with New Education Realities by learning from respected Massachusetts Key State Leaders, Experts, and Consultants, …and Network! Plus, you will have the opportunity to influence state matters by participating in our ASE March 11, 2011 Statewide Survey. Your voice matters and ASE intends to keep the vigil on Issues that are important to you! More...

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 Conference Information: "A Very New Year Indeed: What Matters and Why it Matters to Special Education Administrators"

ASE Statewide Conference is October 29, 2010

The ASE Conference Series will be targeted to professional development topics that are relevant, timely and informative to special education administration and implementation.

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 Become an ASE Member:

The 2010-2011 membership applications are here.

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Opportunity for parents and schools, funded by The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; list of SPEDEX Consultants available to schools and parents ( funded by ESE) can be accessed by going to the Compass website.

Download List of SpedEx Consultants

Download Guide to Negotiating Compass Website

 BSEA New Publication

A Resource for Parents and School Representatives Who Appear Before the BSEA

Download Reference Manual

 Announcing ASE Co-Sponsors:

ASE is honored to thank each co-sponsor for their continued support to the ASE Professional Development Series

  • Cambium Learning: Kurzweil, IntelliTools, Stages & Sopris West
  • Cambridge College
  • Centris Group
  • eSped
  • Lincoln Learning Solutions
  • Murphy, Lamere, and Murphy
  • New England Center for Children
  • Perkins School for the Blind
  • Public Consulting Group

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